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November 03, 2020

Fall Colors in the Grand Tetons 2020


Like everything else in 2020, my Grand Tetons trip also had some challenges and wonderful surprises.   Unfortunately, there were some local forest fires which would leave a haze in the air, diminisihing the landscape photo opportunities.  On top of that, the weather was a beautiful 70 degrees, without a cloud in the sky until the last day.  Great for tourists but not so much for landscape photographers.   But, this allowed us more time for animals and they did not disappoint.  We saw many animals of all varieties and had some special treats such as otters along the Snake river.   

But the bears were definitely out in force, including the grizzly mothers.   Both bear 399 (and her 4 cubs) and 610 (and her 2 yearlings) made a couple appearances, along with a couple other unknow brown bears.   This was hands down the most grizzlies I had ever seen on a fall trip.  


Not only the grizzlies were busy, but the black bears were foraging for the bumper crop of berries.

The moose were very plentiful and I probably saw 30-40 different individuals, with some of them showing up on multiple occurences. 

The bison also had a few large herds that would wonder by close enough to get some good photos

There were a lot of pronghorns but quite often they were a long ways from the road.  However there were a couple occasions where we got to see something special.

Of all of the animals, only the elk seemed to be a bit more elusive.  Perhaps because of the number of bears in the area.   There were elk to be seen but typically very early in the morning in poor light or a long ways away from the road.   But there were always exceptions if you took the time to look.

Even with the haze and lack of clouds, there is no denying the landscape scenes in the Tetons.  Oxbow Bend, the Moulton barns, Swchabarger landing, and so many others.

There is so much to see in the Tetons that the little things sometimes get ignored, but they too are amazing such as a beaver at the edge of the river, or a little chipmunk.  The birds are also unique, especially as they land of take off from the water.   

Once again, the Grand Tetons provided a wonder trip and so many photographic opportunities.   Please consider joining me for my 2021 trips in both may and October

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